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Welcome to Help
On this page you will find helpful instructions for using the basic featrures of this site. As time passes, we will be adding more instructional information to this page. Please check back in the future.

  1. Logging In
  2. Searching
  3. Parts Research Request
  4. Quick Cart and Order Management
  5. Checkout


 Logging In    Return to Top


Existing users to our site will find many enhancements and improvements to functionality and ease of use.  If you are a user of our current site (prior to September 7, 2009) you will be logging in the first time to the new site using your existing log-in credentials.  After your initial log-in, you will be asked to change your username and password to conform to the new rules which is to use your e-mail address as your username.


To log in, fill in the “username” and password fields, then press “Login”.



Your password will always be case sensitive.  The username field is NOT case sensitive.

You can verify that you have logged in correctly by seeing your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen:



Once logged in, you will be taken to your company’s home page which will include basic billing information and allow you to look up order history, make changes to your log-in information, add additional users, and view vital financial information concerning your account.


 Searching    Return to Top


Searching for the part you need is an important aspect of the site.  We are continuously working to improve and update the information so that you can easily, and quickly, find the parts that you need.


There are two locations to perform searches.  The first location you will easily see upon log-in and is near the upper-left section of the site.



By selecting a manufacturer, and manufacturer’s part number, you will see results from our inventory that matches your search.

If you are using the old ICS or CCC numbers, enter the ICS# without a hyphen (A101) and enter the CCC# with the hyphen (A-101).


A more detailed search is also available which allows more criteria to be entered to further refine the results.  To use this functionality, click on the “Advanced Search” link directly to the right of the standard search mentioned above.

You will see the following screen:



Here, you can add key words or simply search using our part numbers and include categories as well.


 Parts Research Request    Return to Top


In many instances, you may need a special order part.  We have a simple way for you to request research be done for the part you need.


On the left side navigation bar, click on “Part Research.”  You will be taken to a form that will allow you to enter key information necessary for us to do the research for you.  Someone on our team will begin the research immediately and contact you using the method you chose on the submission form.


 Quick Order and Order Management    Return to Top


For those of you who use our site regularly, or order parts from us where you know our part numbers, the Quick Order function may be the right option for you.  Located on the right side navigation section, you will see the “Quick Order” and “Quick Cart” sections:



To use the “Quick Order” tool, simply enter in one of our part numbers (Old ICS number, Old CCC number, or new AllPoints number), then enter your quantity.  You can continue to tab through adding items as you complete each row.


Keep in mind that the site will auto-correct the item numbers entered to the NEW AllPoints numbers if you use the old numbers from Consolidated Commercial Controls or International Commercial Supplies.  Each company numbered their products differently in that CCC used a “-“ in their scheme while ICS did not.  It is very important that you use the correct old number in order for the correct conversion to happen.


When completed, simply click “Add to Cart” and you will be presented with a more detailed list of what you have entered and can continue to add items or make changes to your selections.  If you do not click “Add to Cart” and navigate from this screen, you will lose the contents.  Always remember to click “Add to Cart” once you have entered in all the parts you are interested in.



Once you add the items to your cart you will see an expanded view that will show you inventory from your home warehouse as well as your discounted price.  You can make adjustments to your cart from this screen as well.  As you browse and search for items you can enter the parts into your cart as well by clicking the “Add to Cart” function on the part number detail:



To delete items from your cart, simply click the check box under the “Remove” column, then click “Update.”  If you wish to add to the quantity of the items in your cart, simply change the number under the “Qty” column, then click “Update.”

 Checkout    Return to Top


The checkout process has several screens that will allow you to verify the shipping address, PO number, quantities of items, pricing, and shipping type.  You will also choose how you are going to pay for this order and get an estimated freight cost.


To check out of an order, from your cart, click “Checkout.”

You will be presented with the shipping method screen on which you can choose how you would like to have the product shipped.



Here, you can choose the carrier and see the associated ESTIMATED freight.

Clicking “Continue” takes you to the PO/Payment screen where you can enter a PO# and the method of payment.



Choose your method of payment and then click “Continue.”


You will be presented with a review of your order, including all totals and estimated freight.

Clicking on “Confirm Order” will complete the process and take you to the final screen.



You will then be presented with e-mail notification options for your shipment.

Choose your options and click “Continue.”

You will then have completed the order process and be taken to the Home page.

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